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45L Storage Boxes Storage Drawer
  • $26.63
25L Storage Boxes Storage Drawer
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18L Storage Boxes Storage Drawer
  • $23.90
  • $17.99
5L Storage Boxes Storage Drawer
  • $3.31
35L Multi Size Stackable Storage Box
  • $6.20
50L Multi Size Stackable Storage Box
  • $9.90
70L Multi Size Stackable Storage Box
  • $13.90
90L Multi Size Stackable Storage Box
  • $18.90
120L Multi Size Stackable Storage Box
  • $21.90
Storage box of Bundle Set of 3 Pcs - BLUE
  • $29.90
Storage box of Bundle Set of 3 Pcs - PINK
  • $29.90
Storage box of Bundle Set of 3 Pcs - GREEN
  • $29.90

Home Organization 101: How to Choose the Right Storage Box and Containers for Your Home?


In today's fast-paced world, maintaining an organized and clutter-free home is essential for a peaceful and stress-free lifestyle. One of the key elements of effective home organization is choosing the right storage boxes and containers. By investing in high-quality storage solutions, you can declutter your living space and create a harmonious environment to live in.

Ready to get started with home organizing ala Marie Kondo? With the help of our home storage experts at Lulu Home, we will take you through a simple step-by-step guided process to select the perfect storage boxes for all your home organization needs.


Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Storage Box or Containers


Consider What You Want to Store

As with many other home purchases, we always highly recommend starting by assessing the situation at hand. Home organization is no different. Different belongings require different storage solutions, so understanding your requirements is crucial.

Some essential questions to ask yourself at the start of the exercise:

  • How many items are you looking to store?
  • What items are you looking to store?
  • Where do you plan to store the items?
  • How often do you expect to access the items once they are stored away?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will have a much clearer picture of the type of storage box that will suit your needs because all these considerations will influence the size, material, and features of the boxes you choose.


Size Matters

The size of the storage box directly impacts how efficiently you can organize your belongings and maximize your available space.


Space Optimization: By choosing appropriately sized storage boxes, you can effectively utilize the available storage areas such as closets, shelves, or under-bed spaces. Oversized or undersized storage boxes can result in wasted space or inefficient use of storage areas.


Fit and Accessibility: Storage boxes that are too large may not fit properly in the designated storage space. They can become difficult to stack, causing instability and making it challenging to access items stored below. On the other hand, storage boxes that are too small may leave empty gaps, leading to inefficient use of space and making it harder to keep belongings organized.


Weight Considerations: The size of the storage box is directly related to the weight it can accommodate. Consider the weight of the items you plan to store. For heavier items, it is advisable to choose smaller-sized boxes to prevent overloading and ensure ease of handling. Lighter items can be stored in larger boxes without risking strain or damage.

Material Selection

Storage boxes come in various materials, each with its advantages and considerations. Here are some common options to consider:


Fabric Boxes: Lightweight and collapsible, ideal for storing soft items like clothing or linens. They are easily foldable when not in use.

Wooden Crates: Durable and sturdy, wooden crates offer a rustic charm and are suitable for heavier items or items requiring more protection.

Wicker Baskets: Stylish and versatile, wicker baskets provide a natural look and are great for organizing small items or adding a decorative touch.

Metal Baskets: Sturdy and long-lasting, metal baskets are suitable for heavy-duty storage needs. They are ideal for garages or workshops.

Plastic Tubs: Affordable, lightweight, and moisture-resistant, plastic tubs are widely used for various storage purposes. They come in different sizes and are easily stackable.

Cardboard Boxes: Cost-effective and available in various sizes, cardboard boxes are suitable for temporary or short-term storage needs. They are recyclable but less durable.

Acrylic Boxes: Clear and transparent, acrylic boxes are ideal for organizing and displaying items that require visibility. They offer a sleek and modern look.

Additional Organization Features to Consider

Storage boxes now come with a range of convenient features to enhance organization:


Handles: Boxes with built-in handles provide easy lifting and transportation.

Wheels: Wheeled storage boxes are perfect for larger or heavier items, allowing for effortless movement.

Dividers: Dividers or compartments within the box help separate and categorize smaller items, enhancing organization.

Lids: Boxes with secure lids protect the contents from dust, moisture, and pests.

Stackability: Boxes are designed to stack securely, maximizing vertical space, and promoting efficient storage.

[Bonus] Home Organization and Storage Tips


Once you’ve decided on your choice of home organization boxes and containers, don’t forget to also consider implementing these additional tips to optimize your storage solutions!


Label Your Boxes: Clearly label each storage box, especially those intended for long-term storage. This practice ensures easy accessibility and helps keep track of your belongings.

Maintain an Inventory: Keep an inventory list of the items stored in each box. This will save time and effort when you need to locate specific items.

Heavy Items at the Bottom: Place heavier items in the lower part of the boxes to prevent them from damaging more delicate or fragile items.

Strategic Organization: Arrange your storage boxes strategically based on the frequency of use. Keep frequently accessed items within easy reach, while less frequently used items can be stored in less accessible areas.

Avoid Damp Environments: Store your boxes in dry areas and avoid high humidity or damp spaces. Moisture can cause mould, mildew, or damage to your stored items.



Lulu Home's Top Picks for Storage Boxes in Singapore


Ready to get started with your home organization exercise? At Lulu Home, we offer a wide range of storage boxes designed to cater to a wide variety of organizational needs. Here are two of our most popular options:


Multi-Size Stackable Storage Box: With its large capacity (from 35L to 120L), transparency, lid, and handle features, and stackability, this storage box is a true all-rounder for storing various items. The transparency allows easy identification of contents, while its good load-bearing capability allows for effective stacking and use of space.


Storage Boxes with Drawer: Prefer something a little more aesthetically pleasing? These Signature Lulu Home Storage boxes come with a minimalistic sleek design, featuring a convenient transparent drawer for easy access to stored items. That’s not all, they are also stackable with a reinforced bottom, making them sturdy and durable for organizing.


For more home organization boxes and containers, head over to Lulu Home to explore our extensive range of storage solutions and start organizing your home today!