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We provide diffusers in Singapore including reed diffuser, essential oil diffuser, aroma diffuser and scent diffuser. Many homeowners in Singapore are turning to reed diffuser and essential oil diffusers in their homes. It’s a no-brainer that creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere at home is essential for our overall well-being. Who doesn’t love a nice smell welcoming them when entering the home? The truth is scents play a significant role in improving mental and physical health.

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H.Y.P. Essential Oil Diffuser
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Reserve Paris Essential Oil Diffuser
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Rose Land Essential Oil Diffuser
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Silver Mountain Spring Essential Oil Diffuser
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White Tea Essential Oil Diffuser
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Homeowners' Guide to Choosing Essential Oil Diffusers in Singapore


If you're new to the world of aromatherapy and want to introduce scents into your home, this guide consolidated by the home experts at Lulu Home is here to help. Here, we'll explore various factors to consider when choosing an essential oil diffuser, and what are the common types available in Singapore you can choose from.


What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?


For the uninitiated, an essential oil diffuser is a device designed to disperse the aroma of essential oils into the air, creating a pleasant and therapeutic atmosphere.

There are several different methods and hence different devices that can be used for this dispersion which we will discuss in more detail later.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Essential Oil Diffusers:


Essential oil diffusers are not one size fits all. So, to find the right fit for your home needs, you’ll need to consider several factors:


The Size of Your Room:

Where you are planning use the diffuser will make a difference. Smaller areas like your bathroom, bedrooms, or study rooms can benefit from passive diffusers, while larger spaces like your living room may require electronic diffusers to help disperse the scent effectively over larger spaces with more airflow.


The Desired Effect:

Think about the intensity of the scent you prefer. If you prefer a more subtle aroma, passive diffusers are a better choice as they naturally spread the scent throughout the room. On the other hand, electronic diffusers offer more control and can provide a stronger and more intense scent if desired.


Any Noise Generated:

Electronic diffusers often have motors that inevitably generate some noise during operation. If you're looking for a tranquil environment, consider whether the diffuser's noise level will suit your preferences.


Any Heating Component:

Some diffusers, such as tealight or warming diffusers, use heat to disperse the essential oils. However, it's important to note that heat can potentially alter the chemical composition of the oils and may pose fire hazards.

Tip: If you have small children in the house, do evaluate whether a heating component aligns with your safety concerns in the home.



If you plan to move the diffuser around your home, portability becomes a crucial factor. Choose a diffuser that is lightweight and easy to relocate as needed. Some electronic diffusers may come in larger frames and hence not as portable as their passive counterparts.


Level of Maintenance:

Consider the amount of time and effort you're willing to invest in maintaining the diffuser. Some diffusers require regular cleaning and topping up, while others can operate for longer periods without intervention.


Extra Features:

Electronic diffusers often come with additional features like timers, auto-switch-off functions, or adjustable settings. Assess whether these features are necessary for your needs (and hence the higher price tag) or if a simpler diffuser would suffice.



Diffusers are available at a range of prices, from affordable passive diffusers to more expensive electronic models. Determine your budget and choose a diffuser that offers the right balance of functionality and affordability.

Common Types of Essential Oil Diffusers in Singapore:


Ultrasonic Diffuser:

A type of electronic diffuser uses water and ultrasonic vibrations to create a fine mist of essential oil particles. They not only disperse the scent but also act as humidifiers, adding moisture to the air. A two-in-one device if you ask us!

This type of diffuser normally also comes with some of the fanciest features and settings (with a corresponding price tag) that allow you to adjust the intensity of aroma, set the duration of usage and more. However, one of the biggest downsides is the requirement for regular maintenance to prevent oil deposits.


Atomizing or Nebulization Diffuser:

A type of electronic diffuser that utilizes an air pump to disperse essential oils through an atomizer, creating extremely small particles that remain chemically unchanged (like the ultrasonic diffuser).

As such, these diffusers cover more area per square foot and maximize the scent of essential oils. However, similarly, maintenance is required to prevent the clogging of electronic parts and they are usually more expensive due to the technology.


Heating Diffuser:

Employs heat, either through candles or an electronic heating source, to evaporate essential oils into the air. However, while these diffusers are simple and affordable, they may alter the chemical composition of the oils and pose fire risks.


Fan Diffusers:

Utilize simple evaporation facilitated by a fan to spread the scent across larger areas. They are affordable and suitable for scenting larger rooms but may produce noise due to the fan motor.


Evaporative Diffusers:

The most basic and affordable type, evaporative diffusers disperse essential oils naturally through an evaporative surface, such as reed sticks. They are easy to set up, portable, and ideal for small spaces.

Some examples of our favourite kinds of reed diffusers at Lulu Home include:

The Silver Mountain Spring scented essential oil diffuser which emits a refreshing scent reminiscent of a cool mountain spring. It invigorates the atmosphere, creating a sense of calm and tranquillity in your home.

The White Tea scented essential oil diffuser: which provides a delicate and soothing aroma. It promotes relaxation and serenity, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day.


Find the Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser and Scent for Your Home with Lulu Home:


Excited to get ready to scent your home? At Lulu Home, a Singaporean home goods company, we offer an extensive range of products to help you scent you with that.

Whether you're looking for candles or diffusers, Lulu Home offers a diverse selection of diffusers and scents to cater to your preferences. Start exploring our home aroma collection today and create a welcoming and aromatic environment in your home!